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RTE Kampung Fried Rice (220GM)

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Product Description

Fried rice with anchovies, egg and spice, all time favorite!

And NOW you can get ready delicious Kampung Fried Rice in just 3 MINUTES!

All you need to do is heat the pan, add a little oil, and stir fry for 3 MINUTES!

- Serving Pax: 1 Person

- Serving Mode: Hot


- No Added Substances: No MSG, No Coloring And No Preservative

- Shelf Life: Room temperature 3 months

- Storage: Store In Cool & Dry Place

Why choose to buy from RTE by Nicsmann?


We've utilised our professional Sous Vide precision machine to perform this French low temperature long hour cooking method in order to achieve results and benefits as below:

🍖 Tender meat texture

🍖 Preserve natural juices

🍖 Preserve aroma

🍖 Preserve high amount of food nutrients

🍖 High retention of Vitamins

🍖 Enhance the marination flavor


 After the Sous Vide process, our RTE products are brought to our High-tech professional Blast Freezer to maintain it's top quality and freshness

❄️ Rapid freezing RTE Products to -18 degree celcius

❄️ Preserve food flavor

❄️ Preserve food texture

❄️ Preserve food nutrients

❄️ Best quality within 3 months


Other than Blast Freezing Technology, some of our RTE products are cooked, packed and went through Thermal Sterilization process to achieve bacteria free and longer shelf life even storing under room temperature

🔥 Sterilize food from all harmful bacteria

🔥 Allow sterilize food to be kept under room temperature

🔥 Longer shelf life with best quality within 6 months

🔥 Preserve food flavor

🔥 Preserve food texture

🔥 Easy reheating procedure

About RTE by Nicsmann

Our kitchen team has been working very seriously and dedicated to bring you the best dining experience we could since the day our group founded 12 years ago and we will always keep this mission on going.

Since the New Normal, we’ve received high demand from our beloved guests for high quality and convenient Ready-to-Eat food products. After our team’s R&D, we’ve decided to invest in Hi-tech machines to prepare and serve high quality of Ready-to-Eat Food product under the brand - RTE by Nicsmann

We've prepared a series of Premium Ready-to-Eat foods for you and your family by using high quality food ingredients and latest culinary technologies


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